Nail Life Nail Revitalizer + Haken Cuticle Oil

Posted by Amy from imfeelingnail-venturous
July 26, 2011

Today I thought I would share with you the nail strengthener and cuticle oil I use. I got both of these brands for the first time about a month ago from Sally Beauty Supply. The cuticle oil is called Haken Essential Fragrance Cuticle Oil. The main ingredients are Vitamin A, E, &D, oils of safflower, apricot kernel, canola, and sweet almond. I have tried both the Mango and the Tropical Blend. Both smell wonderful, and I have noticed a big difference in my cuticles. I will be buying this again.

The nail treatment, Nail Life Nail Revitalizer, is formaldehyde free, and it is supposed to work well for problem nails that are weak, split easily, cracked, thin, soft, or peeling. At first I thought I liked this treatment until I noticed that I am still getting tiny cracks in my nails. My nails do feel stronger though, but that could also be from some of the polishes I wear. I don't think I will be buying this again when I run out.

Has anyone tried these two brands before?


Fingers on July 26, 2011 at 9:16 AM said...

The only thing that strengthens nails IS formaldehyde. The rest of the stuff is just a waste of money. I swear by Trind, that has formaldehyde. They have a 4 MONTH return policy so that should tell you how confident they are. It has made all the difference in my nails. I wouldn't have started my blog otherwise! in Canada and in USA. trust me it works

imfeelingnail-venturous on July 26, 2011 at 9:54 AM said...

Fingers-- Thanks for the tip! I got this nail treatment for free because I bought the nail life cuticle remover WHICH DOES NOT WORK EITHER. I hate those tiny cracks in my finger nails. Although my nails have gotten a little stronger, I think it is from some of the polishes I use. I am going to stop using this right away and try something esle. I am going to look into Trind. Thanks for the heads up about formaldehyde. I didn't know that.

Polish AMOR on July 26, 2011 at 10:36 AM said...

mmm interesting comment.. i might look for that formaldehyde stuff, my nails tend to be weak... brittle.. etc.. etc...
OH ... your nails look great without polish.. mine started to get stained booo need to try some yellow remover or something!!!

Brandy said...

Amy if you order any of that Trind brand get me some too. Thanks and Love you!

paint that nail on July 27, 2011 at 2:40 AM said...

I have tried the Nail Life gripper- I honestly have NO CLUE why I would ever buy a gripper because thats the least of my worries considering I take it off in 2 days anyways but when I would try and peel my nail polish off(I know thats bad for your nails but I would do it in school when I got bored but I wont be doing that anymore) it would NOT come off!!lol:D

jolkag78 on July 27, 2011 at 8:26 AM said...

Ur nails r lovely!!

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